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Wanda is a character from Two and a Half Men, she appears on the show one time on She'll Still Be Dead at Halftime. Wanda is played by Diora Baird.


Wanda makes her debut in the Season 6 episode "She'll Still be Dead at halftime", when she knocks on the Harper's front door asking for Charlie. Revealing that she's returned to the neighborhood because she's drunk and horny, Charlie begins to take advantage of her, much to Alan and Jake's disbelief. After having some drinks, Wanda declares Charlie to come to bed with her, then she waits in his room wearing her bra and panties. Intoxicated, she falls flat on her face and awakens a few minutes later with no recollection of what's happened. However, Charlie has to remove her from his bedroom before Chelsea returns from her ex-mother-in-law's funeral; Jake seems to recognize Wanda but doesn't realize that she is a pin-up girl on one of his posters.


  • She has a history with Charlie Harper.
  • When the pair were in Las Vegas years ago, she talked a waitress into joining her and Charlie for a threesome.
  • She revealed that the waitress gained a lot of weight since their encounter and smells "better" like Fritos chips.
  • She has a weakness for alcohol.
  • She tends to fall unconsious frequently.
  • After falling unconsious, she awakens with little or no recollection of what's happened to her.
  • She's revealed to be one of the poster pin-up girls that Jake has on the walls of his room. 
  • Her poster is her wearing short-shorts and an orange tank-top and holding a air guitar in her arms.
  • She's revealed to have no plastic surgery/implants, when Alan accidently face-plants her chest and remarks "Goodness Gracious, these are REAL!".



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