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"Squab, Squab, Squab, Squab, Squab"
Season 02
Episode 23
Total Episode Count 47
Air Date May 16, 2005
Directed By J.D. Lobue
Written By Chuck Lorre & Lee Aronsohn (story)

Susan Beavers & Don Foster (teleplay)

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"Does This Smell Funny to You?"

Squab, Squab, Squab, Squab, Squab is the 23rd episode of season 2. It originally aired on May 16, 2005.


Evelyn has Jake over for a sleepover but later things start to go all crazy.


When Jake tells Evelyn about a week he spent with Judith's parents, she insists that Jake have a sleepover at her place. Alan and Charlie understand that Jake will never agree to it and spend the day spoiling him, giving him a lot of toys, video games and cash. When they tell him of the plan, he agrees in exchange for an iPod, a video game and a bike. After dropping off Jake at Evelyn's house, Charlie and Alan go to a bar and share memories of their upbringing to each other. Realizing how she might affect Jake, they decide to pick him up again, but change their minds when a group of female volleyball players enter.

At Evelyn's place, she tries to introduce Jake to sushi. The whole thing quickly goes awry when Jake tries tuna, spits it out on the carpet, accidentally eats wasabi and ends up kicking the sushi plate on the floor, scattering the food all over the carpet. Evelyn suggests pasta and prepares spaghetti with ketchup and hot dogs. When she brings it in, Jake jumps out from behind the couch, scaring her into dropping it on his head by accident. Back at the bar, Charlie has a change of heart after meeting a volleyball player who was raised by her grandmother and brings Alan with him to Evelyn's house.

When they arrive, the mishaps of the evening have exhausted her. Jake comes down from the bathroom, having taken a bath to wash away the ketchup and hot dogs. Unfortunately, he left the water on, causing the bathroom floor to break and all of the water to come crashing down on Evelyn. Alan and Charlie quickly bring Jake home, order pizza and remark to each other that, in one evening, Jake caused more mayhem for Evelyn than they could do in a lifetime.



In the shot where Evelyn asks Jake if he likes spaghetti, her hands are empty, but in the shot where Jake says he loves spaghetti, her hands are holding the cleaning supplies.

Title quotation from

Jake, experimenting in different voices the name of the food Evelyn offers him.

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