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Shauna is the gorgeous twenty-year-old, bisexual, amateur porn-star daughter of Michelle and is a minor character in Two and a Half Men.


She is a tall Caucasian woman, with flowing blonde hair and blue eyes and soft facial features. She often wear little clothing, mini-skirts, tank-tops and blouses that show off her cleavage. She's seen wearing bracelets, carries two purses and is constantly talking or texting on her phone.



She has a complicated relationship with her mother, Michelle. They frequently get into arguments about her "film career" and lack of ambition in life, but after Charlie gives them advice about how they're only fighting because her mother cares about her and wants to protect her, they make up afterwards.


When Charlie Harper first met her, he was shocked to see how gorgeous she is, while Shauna was oblivious to Charlie's attraction towards her. When he asked her if she considered dating "someone older", Shauna was against the idea, and speaks from her own experience, calling it "disgusting". Shauna reveals her second ex-boyfriend was 35 years old, which she claimed was like "sleeping with her grandfather".

As Charlie's becomes turned off by her comments, Shauna reveals that she and her 35 year old ex-boyfriend would engage in sexual intercourse two more times, then he would have to take his nap. After this conversation, Charlie reconciles with Michelle, claiming he was over "Chelsea" which was actually Shauna he was talking about.


Jeremy is the former boyfriend and roommate of Shauna. She broke up with him to date her roommate Sarah, which Shauna addresses that was her ex-girlfriend's idea. According to Shauna, she and her roommate Jeremy were still dating when she and her roommate Sarah started dating resulting in all three of the roommates "hooking up together" until her girlfriend/roommate Sarah felt weird about it, even though it was all Sarah's idea to begin with. When Charlie goes to talk to her, Shauna's seen screaming on the phone, telling her ex-boyfriend Jeremy to go to hell.


Sarah is the roommate and former girlfriend of Shauna. She and Shauna dated briefly after Shauna broke up with her boyfriend Jeremy to be with her. According to Shauna, she and her Sarah didn't break up while she was seeing Jeremy and that she, Jeremy and Sarah were all "hooking up together" until Sarah felt weird about it even though it was her idea to begin with. According to Shauna in a argument with her mother, she, Sarah and Jeremy engaging in a open relationship threesome was Sarah's whole idea.


  • "Hey, mom."
  • "No, no. We're all hooking up together, but then Sarah got all weird, even though it was her idea."
  • "Hey! You're the one who said I should explore all of my options in life!"


  • Shauna makes a living with a Webcam in her bathroom and a PayPal account.
  • She has a pornographic website that Charlie and Alan know about.
  • She was born in 1990.


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