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Brittany Pam - Cousin
Prudence (played by Megan Fox) is Berta's 16-year-old Lolita-like granddaughter, Cheryl Ann's daughter and Naomi's niece.


In the season 1 episode, "Camel Filters And Pheromones", Berta says because she can't leave her alone in a house, she has to bring her everywhere she goes. So she's brought to work at Charlie's house for one day, during which time both Charlie and Alan become preoccupied with her and try very hard to keep their hands off her sexy figure. Even Jake developes a crush on her.

She comes back that night seeking refuge from having a fight with her grandmother. Then, she surprises Charlie, Alan and Jake with her plans to elope to Vegas and get married with her boyfriend, Freddie, who needed to pick up his paycheck first. Before they could do so, Berta shows up with Prudence's mother, Cheryl Ann, who grabs Freddie by his shirt and interogates him about being with her "baby girl". Prudence tries to stop her mother, saying she loves him, but Cheryl Ann disagrees with Prudence and tells her to give her a break, she's only sixteen years old and her hormones are doing the thinking for her. Then she notices Charlie and becomes interested in him, forgetting what she said to her daughter. Berta grabs both Cheryl Ann and Prudence and starts to drag them out the front door. Prudence and Cheryl Ann try to protest against leaving but Berta tells them both to shut up. Cheryl Ann tries to give Charlie her phone number but Berta says that he already got her number and takes them both home. Charlie and Alan kick Freddie out, followed by Rose.


  • Prudence claims that her boyfriend wrote a beautiful song called "Dear Prudence".
  • Prudence admits she always wanted to learn how to play the piano, then flirtaciously asks Charlie if he could teach her something.
  • Despite being only sixteen-years-old, Prudence smokes cigarettes and drinks beer, much to her grandmother's disapproval.

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