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Olivia Pearson
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Olivia Pearson
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Olivia Pearson is a minor one-off character of Two and a Half Men. She dated Charlie Harper Pre-Series, and met him again in "Did You Check With The Captain Of The Flying Monkeys?". She is portrayed by Krista Allen in the series.


Olivia made an appearance when Charlie, Alan and Jake Harper visited Evelyn at a dinner. Evelyn intended to introduce her sons to Tommy Pearson. There, it was revealed that Olivia had dated Charlie before, and it had not gone well. Due to there heated discussion, involving in Olivia throwing her drink in Charlie's face, the dinner ended prematurely, and later Tommy left Evelyn for a '45 year old bimbo'.


Olivia: You said I was very special to you.
Charlie: You were.
Olivia: Yeah, me and three other women.
Charlie: I said you were special, not unique!

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