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Keri (waitress)
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Lilah Richcreek
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Manner of death
Waitress at Pavlov's
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Keri is a waitress that works at Pavlov's, and Jenny's one night stand.

Season 11

In "Nangnangnangnang", Jenny hired her to drive them to the beach house seemingly playing the wingman for Walden. Keri was impressed with Walden's beach house and Jenny offered to show her the view of the city from the bedroom. Walden tried to follow Keri, in hopes of getting laid. That's when Jenny revealed that Keri was for her and that she was a lesbian. She and Keri go upstairs, and have sex sometime later.

In the morning, Walden wakes up angry that he had to sleep in the guest room of his own home and wants Jenny to leave. He changes his mind when Keri and Jenny enter the dining area, half naked.


  • It is unknown if Keri, herself, was a lesbian though it can be assumed that either she was or her encounter with Jenny turned her into one.

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