Keisha Burnett
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Keisha Burnett
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Keisha Burnett
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Celeste Burnett (Daughter)
Jerome Burnett (Ex-Husband)

Keisha Burnett is the mother of Celeste Burnett and ex-wife of Jerome Burnett. She is portrayed by Ingrid Rogers.


In "The Mooch At The Boo", she is first mentioned by her ex-husband Jerome as he tells Charlie his sad back story of how he became so emotional overprotective. According to Jerome, Keisha left him after he blew out his knee playing tackle football, eventually establishing a new relationship with a tiny man from Serbia named Grl Nrbnck who was also a placekicker on the tackle football team.

In "Warning, It's Dirty" she first debuts in the episode arriving in town alongside her daughter Celeste to bring Jake his Christmas present. However, after discovering that Jake was (unknowingly) cheating on his girlfriend with another girl from the beach, Celeste breaks up with him on the spot and Keisha is devastated by her daughter's heartache. After Celeste storms out of the Harper house, Keisha is flirted with by Alan and she refuses to return Alan's crush on her due to his son's betrayal to her daughter and leaves the Harper house to console her daughter whilst both women are angry at Jake even though Charlie was truly the one to blame.

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