Jerry Harper
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Jerry Harper
Also known as
Manner of death
Family members
Unnamed mother
Unnamed father
Faye (Wife)
Three unnamed children
Charlie Harper (Cousin)
Alan Harper (Cousin)
Jake Harper (Second Cousin)
Jenny Harper (Second Cousin)
Evelyn Harper (Aunt)
Frank Harper (Uncle)
Jerry is the nephew of Evelyn and Frank and cousin of Charlie and Alan. He is the husband of Faye and they have three children. According to Alan, they are agriculture professors living in Rhode Island, although Charlie thought they were in Kansas and Evelyn thought they were potato farmers, not agriculture professors, in Long Island.

Jerry is the son of Evelyn's sister, although it seems Evelyn herself does not care much about him as she asks who Jerry and Faye are when Alan reveals they had been listed as Jake's guardians in case both he and Judith die. Evelyn and Charlie both take offense to Alan choosing his cousins as his son's guardians over his mother and brother.

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