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Lyndsey McElroy (Daughter)
Unnamed Late Husbund
Eldridge McElroy (Grandson)
Chris McElroy (Ex-Son-In-Law)
Evelyn Harper (Lover)
Jean McElroy is Lyndsey McElroy's mother and grandmother of Eldridge McElroy.

In "Palmdale, Ech", Jean McElroy is visiting and both Alan and Lyndsey are showing her around Los Angeles. Jean, played by Georgia Engel, acts sweetly, but voices considerable disappointment in the deplorable actions and behavior of her daughter and grandson in a similar manner to Alan's own mother, Evelyn. So they experiment this by introducing Evelyn to her mother. At first, the mothers don't like each other, but they bond and go out after Alan and Lyndsey head home from dinner. In the morning, Alan and Lyndsey are shocked to find their mothers sleeping together.

In "Grandma's Pie", However, after discovering Evelyn and Jean's relationship, Alan has dinner with LyndseyJakeEldridgeEvelyn, and her lesbian girlfriend, Jean McElroy, and it goes well because Jake and Eldridge don't suspect that their grandmothers are lesbians. While driving home, Alan feels a shiver down his spine when Walden thinks about him moving out since he asks him does Lyndsey have a house.


  • Although not being blood related to Chris, her surname is "McElroy". This could mean that Chris changed his name after marrying Lyndsey.
  • Jean's dysfunctional relationship with her daughter, Lyndsey is similar to Evelyn's dysfunctional relationship with her son, Alan.

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