Jake and Rose have a good relationship from Seasons 1-6.
Jake and Rose

In "My Damn Stalker", Jake is very upset when Rose tells him that she's moving to England and Jake takes it out on Charlie.

In "City Of Great Racks", it was confirmed Rose has been sending Jake post cards. Although she was making fun of him on them to.

In "Above Exalted Cyclops", Jake sees Rose for the last time for a few years, Rose drives past him and Alan, telling Alan he didn't call. Jake and Rose say hi to eacother.

In "Nice to Meet You, Walden Schmidt", Jake and Rose are in the same room for the very last time, at Charlie's funeral, although do not share any words with each other.

In "That's Not What They Call It In Amsterdam", Jake skypes Alan, but Rose picks up instead. Rose shows very much that she has been stalking him too.

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