Dumbass (also called The Ass-keteers) is a group made by Eldridge McElroy and Jake Harper, with the idea thought up by Charlie Harper shown in "Lookin' for Japanese Subs". It is a series of videos, similar to that by Jackass. They believe the videos would bring ad revenue. However, their stunts were dangerous and nearly got them killed.


  • Human Volcano-involves drinking coke and eating mentos.
  • Unnamed stunt where they ride a shopping cart off of the roof (the stunt was un-filmed).
  • Fart Rocket-involves eating many beans, and lighting a fart to launch off of a ramp.


  • Although where they planned to post the videos is unknown, Charlie wore a shirt that sayed The (Charlie wanted the name to be Ass-keteers).


  • "Lookin' for Japanese Subs"