Oh my goodness! Are you Alan?
Dorothy's first lines, greeting Alan in Walnuts and Demerol
→→| }}
Birth Date
Mid 1940's
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Manner of death
Family members
Sherman (Husband)
Gloria (Daughter)
Dorothy is Gloria's mother and is a minor character in Two and a Half Men. She is portrayed by actress Susan Sullivan.

In the Christmas episode "Walnuts and Demerol", Dorothy arrives in response to Evelyn's worried phone call telling her to get to the Harper house as soon as she could. Dorothy agrees and arrives at the front door greeted by Alan, whom she recognizes as one of the two Harper boys she babysat years ago and taught him how to use the toilet growing up. When Alan asks her if the drunk blonde woman in Charlie's bed is her daughter, Dorothy says yes to his question then admits to him that her daughter isn't always "blonde", meaning that 'blonde hair' may not even be her real hair color. As Dorothy makes her way to Charlie's room to stop him and Gloria, she then compliments Alan telling him that he's grown up to be an attractive man though he could've grown up to be either ugly or attractive and tells him that it was very lucky he grew into his ears. 

She and Evelyn manage to stop Charlie and Gloria from sleeping together because they are paternal half-brother and half-sister. Since she had an affair with Evelyn's husband, Frank Harper and Evelyn had an affair with her husband, Sherman, it's possible Charlie's father was also Gloria's father. After preventing the two from sleeping together, Dorthy tells her daughter to get dressed and leave Charlie's room before she and Evelyn leave the party, glad that she and Evelyn didn't have to tell their children about their little embarrassing "experiment". Evelyn tells Dorothy not to remind her what happened between them but Dorthy just shrugs and reminds Evelyn that she "loved it", hinting at some sort of incident that happened between them years ago. Unbeknownst to her and Evelyn, Berta and Rose overhear this and Berta jokingly comments, "Oh, a third-act twist!". Later after the party's over and everyone leaves, Dorothy's revealed to have stayed over longer and lies in Alan's bed awaiting to sleep with him. Alan asks her if they were only sleeping together just to enrage Evelyn. Dorothy admits to this and asks Alan if he has a problem with what she attempts to do. Alan then tells her that it's not a "dealbreaker" and they end up in bed together. 




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