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Donna was Alan Harper's girlfriend after they broke up because Alan was bored of the relationship.


She met Alan in a blind date as seen in "Dum Diddy Dum Diddy Doo". At no time is seen their date, but then Alan says that they finally had sex. Later she appears with her friend Linda Harris in another blind date with Charlie and Alan in a restaurant.

She appeared again in "Meander to Your Dander". Alan told Charlie that he was getting bored with his relationship with her because now when they have sex, did not go as well as before. But Alan did not dare to break up with her because he was afraid of hurting her. So Charlie told him exactly what to do to break and that there was no problem. After that, Alan went to Donna's house to break up with her. They began arguing about their relationship until finally, Alan broke up with her. She wept disconsolately and at the time arrived Georgia, a woman with whom Donna had proposed that a threesome with Alan. He said he was fine about that idea but as Donna was upset by the break, said he would not. Donna turned to Georgia for comfort and told Alan to go to hell before slamming the door mid-hug. Alan began to cry because he thought he had lost the opportunity of a lifetime.


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