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Danny to Alan

Danny and her girlfriend Kiki, are a pair of lesbians that Alan and Walden attempted to woe. Danny was identical to Bridget, which made Walden fall in love. Danny was played by Judy Greer.


She has glasses, black hair, black vest, and black pants. Alan says she looks alot like Harry Potter.


In "The Squat and the Hover", Walden and Alan drink appletinis while a woman next to them (who bears a striking resemblance to Bridget) orders two beers. Walden quickly becomes obsessed with this woman, Danny, even after he finds out that she’s in a relationship with another woman, Kiki (Monika Smith). To make it clear that Walden and Alan should stop hitting on them, Danny kisses Kiki. Because Walden just wants Danny to feel comfortable enough to have a conversation with him, he kisses Alan. The girls are easily convinced that Alan is gay, so they agree to go back to the beach house to hang out.

Walden takes Danny out to the deck where they proceed to discuss their coming out stories, while Alan tries to find out whether Kiki is ever attracted to men. As usual, Walden just ends up talking about Bridget and eventually admits he is straight and that Danny reminded him of his ex-wife. Danny is really sweet and feels bad for the guy, but when they go back inside, she doesn’t feel bad for Alan who is caught kissing her girlfriend. A few punches in the face later, Alan falls to ground in pain while Danny bids Walden goodbye and leaves with Kiki.



  • Danny's one of several people that believe Alan Harper is gay.
  • Danny reveals her name is short for "Danielle" and her nickname is because her dad wanted a boy.
  • She figured out she was gay when she was a little girl; she used a horn from her toy unicorn to make a "strap-on" for her Barbie and her mother wasn't happy about that.
  • She is Bridget's doppleganger.


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