Cynthia Sullivan
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Cynthia Sullivan
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Cynthia Sullivan
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Bill Sullivan (Ex-Husband)

Cynthia Sullivan is an old friend of Judith who dated Alan when she got divorced from her husband, Bill.


She appeared in the episode "The Soil is Moist". When Charlie, Alan and Jake returned from the cinema and went for coffee, she was found there. She said that she was just divorced and, therefore, Alan ​​asked her out on a date. But first, he wanted to ask Judith if it was okay (because she and Cynthia were old friends). Judith said yes, but she also said that Cynthia would say to him no. But she said yes and they finally had sex after the date. After that, Cynthia said to Alan, that Judith told to her that Herb was the better lover (which infuriated Alan). Finally they broke up because he was asking why Herb was so good a lover and Cynthia couldn't take it anymore and asked him to leave.

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