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Camel Filters And Pheromones

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"Camel Filters And Pheromones"
Season 01
Episode 12
Total Episode Count 12
Air Date January 5, 2004
Directed By Robert Berlinger
Written By Chuck Lorre & Lee Aronsohn (story)

Susan Beavers & Mark Roberts (teleplay)

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"Alan Harper, Frontier Chiropractor"


"Sarah Like Puny Alan"

Camel Filters And Pheromones is the 12th episode of Season 1, and the 12th episode overall.


Judith and Alan argue on Charlie’s lifestyle, and how it was affecting Jake. Alan and Charlie later decide to teach Jake not to blow things out of proportion.

The next day, Berta’s cross-mood becomes a cause of concern for the brothers, and upon asking from her, they find out that she was forced to bring her granddaughter Prudence (Megan Fox) with her. Alan and Charlie initially think of her as a kid, but freak-out upon seeing her. Jake, on the other hand, develops an instant crush on her, and tries to impress her with his Xbox, bringing her juice and keeping her company.

When Prudence tries to hit on her Charlie, Charlie claims that Rose is his girlfriend. Berta than departs for Charlie’s grocery shopping. As soon as she leaves, Prudence takes off her shirt, and starts taking sun-bath on the deck.

Judith suddenly arrives to give the book on which Jake had to do the book-report. Alan and Charlie save themselves from exposing Prudence just in the nick of the time. As the day ends, Berta and Prudence leave.

The same night, Prudence arrives with her boyfriend / fiancée Freddie, and asks Charlie to stay the night over so that the couple could leave for Las Vegas tomorrow and get married. Over a heated discussion, where Charlie resents Prudence staying the night, Berta and Prudence’s mother Cheryl Ann reach the scenario, and take Prudence with them.

The next day, Charlie and Alan ask Jake not to tell about Prudence to Judith. When Judith arrives and asks Jake about his weekend, Jake replies that Charlie has prohibited him to do so.


Guest Starring


Scene 1

[Jakes meets Prudence, Berta's 16-year-old granddaughter]

  • Jake: Berta, does Prudence have a boyfriend?
  • Berta: Oh, honey, don't get me started.
  • Jake: What does that mean?
  • Berta: It means: If she gets a high school diploma before she gets a baby, she'll be the first one in the family.

Scene 2

  • Alan: Jake, come here, sit down.
  • Jake: Did I do something wrong?
  • Charlie: No, just sit down. We wanna talk to you about something.
  • Jake [sits down]: O.K.
  • Alan: Well Jake, you know how I always told you to tell your parents about what's happening and everything you've been doing.
  • Jake: Yeah.
  • Alan: Well you...
  • Charlie: You don't have to do that anymore. You're a big boy now and you, you don't have to do that now.
  • Jake: Why?
  • Alan: Well because, now that you're older, we feel that some things are best kept to yourself.
  • Jake: Or you just don't want mom to find out about Prudence.
  • Charlie: That too.
  • Jake: OK.
  • Judith [Enters]: Hi Jake, ready to go?
  • Jake: Sure. [Walks out with Judith]
  • Judith: So how was your weekend?
  • Jake: Uncle Charlie says I don't have to tell you.

Title quotation from

Berta, describing Prudence's smell to Jake.

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