Brandon Harris
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Brandon Harris
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Linda Harris (Mother)
Gary Harris (Father)

Brandon Harris is the son of Gary and Linda Harris. 


He appeared in the season 5 episode, Putting Swim Fins on a Cat. When Charlie goes to Linda's house to give her a present and have sex, she said that not now because she had to care for her son. At lunchtime, Charlie said it to Brandon to end the meal so that he and Linda could "be alone". When Brandon said he didn't want it, Charlie made ​​him laugh with a song and finally ate it. Then, from there, Charlie began to spend more time with the child, play with it, touch a song on the piano ... When he finally fell asleep and Linda went to look, she said she could leave him with his father and they could "do it". But Charlie said that he was so tired and to be left for another day. Ironically, Charlie was not doing what he wanted to do from the beginning.

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