• Alexis 23456789

    Two and a half men

    January 9, 2016 by Alexis 23456789

    I prefer Walden a thousand times more than Charlie.

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    Season 12 premier

    November 1, 2014 by

    Well, you saw it, but now the question is, what did you think of it? Did you enjoy the baby adoption and gay marriage plot? Leave a comment.

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  • Asnow89

    Going on TWELVE seasons of Two and a Half Men...can you believe it? We're really excited to start the season off with the Halloween episode (hellooo Jon Cryer as Duckie). Invite a few friends over for a viewing party and serve up some of these dishes inspired by the show. Enjoy!

    Since you are hosting a viewing party, cook up one of Alan's favorite movie viewing foods. In For The Sake of The Child, we learn that Alan loves bringing deviled eggs to the movies. Cook up your own!

    In Big Girls Don't Throw Food, Walden gets into a food fight with a little girl. She throws a fistful of spaghetti at him. Make this garlic spaghetti, and hey if you're feeling wild- have a little food fight of your own.

    The Season 12 premiere is the Halloween episode, wit…

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  • FistoftheBeastKing

    Just a question of thought. What if Two and a Half Men was different. All the same characters and everything but things were opposite.  Like, Alan was the rich brother and still married to Judith (or maybe not and be like Charlie as we know him in this one with the ladies) and Charlie was the poor, cheap brother who's terrible with women.  Things like that. Any thoughts?

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  • Ducksoup

    Hi Modern Family!

    I'm Andrew, the technical community manager here at Wikia. About a month ago we partnered with Sony to launch TV SideView,  which integrates content from your wikia into an Android app. If you haven't given it a shot yet, I recommend it! It's available for most Android devices and it's another way to be proud of your hard work.  

    Your wikia (among others) has been receiving a good number of visits from the app itself, and that's why I'm here. My job as technical community manager is to make sure our back-end work here in the Wikia offices meshes flawlessly with your front-end content. And from our angle, your community is doing a fantastic job sorting and developing your wikia.  

    Thank you so much - users like you are what m…

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  • Shinnest

    The difference between Charlie Harper and Walden Schmidt is that this show would be completely different for these characters. Charlie Harper appears in the first eight seasons. Walden Schmidt appears in the current seasons. What's the difference between them?

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    What did you think?

    February 28, 2014 by

    What did you think of Judith's big return last night? Do you think she should stay on the show?

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  • Hackandslash1994

    Jake Harper joined the military at the end of season 9 , and Angus ranted on youtube somewhere in the middle of season 10 , so Jake Harper was downgraded way before Angus' rant right ?

    Then why was he downgraded in the first place ? there must've been another reason

    and why is he attending college as of season 11 ? if he is to reamain in the "recurring character" status he could've stayed in the military , plus the military pays for your college so he didn't have to leave , contradictory right ? the writers are such idiots

    It's just sad to see that the show is now a perverse version of what it once was , one of the main characters don't even live with the other two ! and the important people have jsut been killed off and sent off...

    Chuck Lorr…

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  • RaghavD


    September 27, 2013 by RaghavD

    Opinions! Opinions!! Don't we all have one? So what is YOUR opinion on Season 11's Nangnangnangnang? and Jenny Harper?

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  • Derpster01


    August 31, 2013 by Derpster01

    This wiki needs a lot of help, so if you are a fan of TAAHM please make an account and edit here. This wiki is a collaborative website for the wonderful show, Two and a Half Men, so please, no vandalizing, it just gives the only two admins more work.

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  • RaghavD

    Adopting this Wiki

    August 3, 2013 by RaghavD

    I am planning to adopt this Wiki so that quite a few changes can be implemented. Like the Navigation bar on the top, among other things. I plan to flesh out the main page. My aim is to get this Wiki fully active before Season 11 premieres. So I need to know your opinions on this. I have enough expeience as an Admin on other Wikis and would never try to lord it over you all. So please comment below.

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  • Laban41

    April 4, 2013 by Laban41

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  • Porterfield

    It appears that Angus T. Jones, the young actor who has been playing Jake Harper in Two and a Half Men since he was 10 years old, has recently been experiencing a spiritual journey of sorts.

    Jones has been featured in a series of Christian testimonials hosted by a guy who calls himself "Forerunner". Forerunner (real name Christopher Hudson) releases videos on YouTube about the evilness of the government and the entertainment industry. Part 2 of Angus T. Jones' testimonial was released today, and halfway through the video, he tells people to stop watching Two and a Half Men! For serious. It starts at the 7:30 mark...


    • Two and a Half Men is filth.
    • Television in general fills your head with evil and can negatively affect you for eternity. (We ca…

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  • Spooner47

    Aston ist voll dumm in der Rolle von Cahrlie!!! man kann Charlie einfach nicht ersetzen weil er das ja auch grösten Teil im echten leben macht und deswegen der einzige ist der für diese Rolle geeignet ist!! Also nehmt Charlie Sheen wieder zurück denn er ist einfach der beste!!!!! Wenn ihr ihn nicht zurücknimmt hoffen ich das keiner mehr irgendetwas (z.B. neue Staffeln) kauft und ihr so richitg Pleite geht!!!! Das ihr Charlie sheen rausgworfen habt ihr war der größte Fehler den ihr machen konntet. Ich hasse euch!! Ihr seit echt sch***e !!!!!!!!

    Aston is completely stupid in the role of Cahrlie! one can notsimply replace Charlie because he does indeed live in thegreatest one of the only true and therefore is suitable for this role!So take Charlie Sheen back because he…

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  • Ollraider

    So... What did ya think?

    September 21, 2011 by Ollraider

    Hey, guys! I loved Nice to Meet You, Walden Schmidt, so... what did ya think, huh?

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  • Porterfield

    Here it is, folks. The first glimpse of Ashton Kutcher in his role as Walden Schmidt. Unfortunately, this doesn't give us a true taste of the revamped cast's comedic chemistry, but it's still quite funny, especially for an opening jingle.

    Many of you are upset that the legendary Charlie Sheen is no longer on the show, and I can understand. I've heard a lot of people lament his departure and declare that they refuse to watch the show without him. You're obviously free to make your own choice, but first, I ask you to consider this fantastic analogy that I found in the YouTube comments of the new opener (edited for spelling):

    "Sure Charlie can not be replaced, but I think Ashton is a cool guy as well... it's like Red Hot Chili Peppers without …

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  • Kate.moon

    Two and a Half Men fans have been hotly debating this for the entire summer: what role will Ashton Kutcher play as the "Man?" Some of the rumors flying about included Kutcher as a re-invented Charlie Sheen; perhaps even a Charlie Sheen who got plastic surgery to look miraculously like Ashton Kutcher, allowing them to continue the series as it was always intended.

    TV Line reveals Ashton Kutcher's role for the first time. He will be playing a man named Walden Schmidt, an "Internet billionaire with a broken heart." The premiere of Season 9 (September 19) will be a two-parter to properly introduce the new "Charlie." Meanwhile, the producers are keeping mum about the fate of Charlie Harper; they are also keeping mysteriously silent about Walden'…

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  • Kate.moon

    RIP Charlie

    June 28, 2011 by Kate.moon

    No, Charlie Sheen isn't dead...but Charlie Harper just may be! After the drama with Ashton Kutcher's recasting and Charlie Sheen's departure, the producers were in a quandry over explaining the abrupt absence of Charlie Sheen's character. Although it seems that the original plan was to say that he "left," perhaps with a lady friend, there are now serious talks of killing Charlie Harper for good!

    TMZ reports that Chuck Lorre, the mastermind behind Two and a Half Men, wants to make sure Charlie Sheen can never come back to the show. What better way to ensure that...than killing off his character completely?! It sounds like a pretty drastic development, but considering that there's no love lost between the two men, it's not totally surprising.…

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  • Kate.moon

    We have some breaking news on who's going to be the next Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half Men! Since negotiations with Hugh Grant fell through, looks like CBS picked up Ashton Kutcher!

    Ashton Kutcher hasn't been in the TV circuit since his hit show That 70's Show went off the air, but he has a pretty impressive resume of comedies under his belt.

    Ashton Kutcher insists that he'll honor the memory of Charlie Sheen in his iconic role: “I can’t wait to get to work with this ridiculously talented 2.5 team and I believe we can fill the stage with laughter that will echo in viewers’ homes,” said Kutcher in a statement. “I can’t replace Charlie Sheen but I’m going to work my ass off to entertain the hell out of people!”

    “We are so lucky to have someon…

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  • Kate.moon

    Ever since Charlie Sheen had his little..."breakdown," CBS has been looking to replace the lead in Two and a Half Men. Guess who was (and still might be) the front runner for the new Charlie Sheen? Hugh Grant! An unexpected choice...considering the actor is British and mostly a movie star. One huge thing they have in common is their perennial bachelor-hood.

    TVLine reports that until recently Hugh Grant was the front runner although the deal might have fallen through due to "creative differences." However, they emphasize that negotiations are still running. Also in the running are big names like Rob Lowe, Jeremy Piven, Woody Harrelson, and John Stamos!

    What do you think about the casting choice? Would Hugh Grant be a proper replacement for Ch…

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    1st Blog

    October 27, 2009 by JGYT2HM

    Hey guys,

    Just letting you all know that I will be giving summaries to every episode here. The editing is taking a while, but I will get there!


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