Berta's Family
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[[Image:{{{Image}}}|Berta's Family|250px]]
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Merry Thanksgiving (Mentioned only)
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I Scream When I Pee (Mentioned only)
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S1 - S2 - S3 (Berta only) - S4 - S5 (Berta only) - S6 (Berta only) - S7 (Berta only) - S8 (Berta only) - S9 (Berta only) - S10 (Berta only) - S11 (Berta only)
Berta's Family is a minor theme during the series. Berta has come out clear that she does not like her family. The family includes Berta, Daisy, Naomi, Cheryl Ann, Prudence, Brittany Pam and many unnamed characters.

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